Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everything New

   This is my first blog and I haven't spent much time reading others, but here it goes.  I will do my best to share what's happening around me and keep it real, including sharing difficulties and struggles, but with the goal to inspire and encourage, and above all glorify and exalt our awesome God.  I hope to make others laugh, smile, and maybe some tears of joy.  If any tears of sorrow, remember that joy comes in the morning.  God is near to those with a broken heart. 

  So after receiving a burdened heart for orphans in 2002, now I am finally on the field, in the jungle on the Thailand-Burma border, 10 years later.  Been here in the small village of Bongti, Thailand for 2 weeks already and it has been more difficult than I thought it would be.

  I write this to let others know about the work that is plentiful and the laborers are few.  If you feel called to go, may you pray for confirmation and count the cost.  It is more difficult for some than others to overlook the bugs in your rice.  I nonchalantly pick them out or just don't look too closely.  I am always thankful to those who prepared it and enjoy it with them saying thank you and "arroy" (delicious).  And it is.  Clean freaks will especially have a difficult time here.  I can hear a few who know me well laughing now.

I have to sadly say that the hardest part for me so far is being willing to clean the diarrhea off of 8 year old John, who's blind and deaf.  I've been dreading my turn, and yesterday and today was my initiation, though someone else did the wiping.  There's also the clean up of what he painted with it, all over.  So I still dread it and see that the love of Christ must be lacking in me, or something.  

  This blog is also for others to know and pray for the great needs and pray that God will send out laborers into the field.  I thank everyone in advance for every single prayer.  I will do my best to keep updated often and share pictures.

  Thank you to the many people, family, friends, and brand new friends who God used in such a huge way to encourage and uplift me.  I knew God was using you all in such a powerful way to ensure me when the times get tough, like now, to know I am where I should be.  So I remember and am so thankful for every one of you in my life.  I am very blessed.

Here's a few pictures just to get started.  Many more to come!  




  1. Your post brought tears of joy to my eyes! It's great to see that you are finally there! You encourage me knowing that God is using you. I will remember you when I have my hard days. May God protect you and guide you and continue to use you to his glory!!
    Love & prayers brother, ~lisa.

    (miss you & Virg & our prayer times...)

    1. Thank you Lisa, very glad to hear tears of joy on the first post! And I miss you both and those times as well.
      May we keep praying more and more until it is unceasing!
      Much love to you dear sister, Chad

  2. Gorgeous pictures, Chad! Luscious landscapes, beautiful faces. Had to smile on the one with you and the monkey - your expressions match almost exactly. Probably thinking/feeling the same thing - caution, maybe. (Be careful with them, by the way...they can bite.)

    Hang in there with the difficult aspects. There are bound to be adjustments and difficulties. The fact that you may not handle everything to perfection does not reflect poorly on you. It makes you human.

    Looking forward to more photos and updates.

    Love you,

    1. Thank you Aunty Jodi, you're exactly right. We were both being cautious. Especially when I wasn't giving up the banana too easy.

      I have many more photos but don't want to put too many. It might get boring if I post too many. I'll definitely be sharing many more though.

      Thank you for your words! I appreciate the grace and reminder.

      Love you too Aunty Jodi!

  3. You are definitely up too late! (Do I sound like your mother? Guess its cuz I am! LOL!)

    I looked at my calendar this morning and when I saw you had been gone only 2 weeks, I was thunderstruck! It feels like a month at least!

    It didn't take you long to make friends with the monkeys, hey Chad? You always did love monkeys! But I agree you probably need to use some caution...but you're smart enough to know that already, I'm sure.

    I know you are working hard for your keep but I hope you have some fun too. Tell the kiddos that Gramma D from Texas says "Hi"!

    Thanks for making your blog a priority, Chad. I know many people will receive great blessings from it.

    Kisses & hugs,

    1. Surprise surprise, comment from mom! :)
      Thanks mom. We do have fun, don't worry.
      Love ya bunches!

    2. Glad you're having some fun! Did you ask Cat about the waterfalls I saw in pictures?

      Lisa P had a suggestion: Do you feel up to the challenge of learning and teaching "Little John" some sign language? Even if his hands are too twisted to sign, he could still learn what you are signing to him by repetition...before feeding him, sign "eat"; before giving him water, "drink"; before changing him, "change"...just simple stuff. I'll bet he'd be thrilled to be learning something. Or does he do it already? Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning.

      Did I tell you Aunt Lupita has pneumonia? Doctors have her medicated to keep her asleep while she has a tube down the nose to help her breathe and another one down the throat to feed her. Steph, Kimberly & Xena arrived in Galveston yesterday to see Lupita and family. Richie is on leave so he can be there also, which is good. I am sooooo happy that Steph is there. I know you would like to be there too, as would I. Uncle Ozzie knows our hearts are with him.

      Love you & miss you! XXXOOO Mom

    3. "Baby John" is blind, so sign language is not going to help him. I appreciate the news but please keep your comments on topic to the posts. You can email personal stuff. Thank you. Love you too!

  4. Nice job bro. Keep up the good work and keep your head up, I am sure the most joy is in the hearts of the ones your helping :) BTW you look pretty happy in some of those pictures...I wish I had as much heart as you do.

    Shawn G.

    1. Thanks Shawn! Alright, I'll keep my head up! There are real challenges, but they are a joy and worth it.
      Thanks for checking it out and and your comments!
      Blessing to you bro!

  5. It is so good to see your smiling face on these photos, Chad. The spider (what kind is it, do you know? Is it poisonous? Probably EVERYTHING is!)and scorpion...not so much!

    I would highly recommend you visit Cheri Arnold's facebook page. She is in Bangkok rite now and staying in a hostel. She has a blog also "beginningsandendings.wordpress.com" about her 6 month adventure travels that she is on rite now.

    Miss you, love you, stay safe & have fun! (Is that enough instruction for one day?! LOL!) XXOO

  6. Don't know what kind of spider it was.