Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today some of the kids and I went up to the lakeside property to wash some clothes and do some garden work.  I don't really have much gardening experience, but do want to learn so I enjoyed it very much.  There are quite a bit of rocks which reminded me of the "Parable of the Sower," where seed in rocky ground the roots don't go very deep.  So we planted seeds in one row then I figured we better start picking rocks.

Afterwards the kids washed their clothes and played in the lake.  Then back to the Bamboo School for lunch.
In the afternoon we heard a truck coming up the driveway fast.  Cat says to the older boys, "Go find out what's going on! Get the kids out of the way! That sounds like trouble."  It was.  The police were chasing a vehicle up our driveway which is a dead end on the top of a hill.  So the fleeing truck managed to do a U-turn and was chased back down the driveway.  They were gone as fast as they came.  That was pretty unusual for here.
Not like Sunny Slope, AZ, where gun shots and ghetto bird were the norm.

The highlight for me today though, is seeing a change in some kids' attitudes towards me.  I've seen at least three times now that showing compassion for those who are really hurt makes an impact.  Then they know you really care.  I been having a real hard time getting them to do their chores and work.  They really test you to see how you handle disobedience, and I'm not sure how I should handle it.  So I been doing much of their work because I don't want to beg them or yell or whack them with a bamboo.  I'm still figuring it out.  So far it's been a painful learning curve for me, but I believe I am hear to learn, and love.  And I see God working in moments of conflict, when we chose His ways and love and pray.

On the way back from the lake today I ran over a snake crossing the road.  The first one I've seen since here, though there are many.  Through body language one told me it was a cobra.

  I saw a couple boys picking these to bring back and cook for lunch.  Wild edibles! Love it! "Morning Glory" Cat says.  Bathachore holding a bunch that Cherthapwee was picking.

Check out the size of that mushroom. At least I think it's a mushroom. Not good to eat they say.
Parkay, Bathachore (brothers), and Begoo. The father of these brothers was murdered by the Burmese army and mother missing, assumed dead.  Begoo was shaken as a baby and pretty much deaf as a result.

Learning how to build a bamboo/grass roof for a Sabbath school place at the lake property.

The white man seems to need more sun protection.  With Acharm (left) and Cherthapwee (right).

Another surprise when grabbing some clothes.

The lake that we sometimes bath in.  Today I had a girl take out the baby diaper I found out she through in.
I hope it was a clean one.

And I thought pineapples grew on trees.

Would like to post more pictures but have to go for now.  Blessings!


  1. Glad to read a new post from you. Also happy to hear you are learning gardening! That is always useful in survivalist techniques! :o)

    Great pics of the pinapples! Like you, I thought they grew on trees also! I guess a person just never quits learning no matter what age they are.

    I don't know why you think you need more sun protection...you looked pretty pale to me! Or was it just the darker skin next you
    that makes you look pale?? LOL!

    Loved the frog with his little sucker feet! Glad you ran over the cobra...one less cobra in Thailand! Yeah! And by the looks of the lake, I'd probably be using the one and only shower they have installed at the Bamboo School!

    I'm especially excited to hear you are noticing a change for the better in the attitudes of some of the children. Once the first one makes the change, the others usually follow. There is always one that will hold out the longest, however. I pray the Lord will continue to give you His eyes to see the children as He sees them so that all will grow easier with time...even the hard stuff! Thanks for the pictures of you; They are food for my soul! XXOO

  2. LOL!! @ the Sunnyslope comment... glad you are doing well & learning Chad!! Blessings brother!! I don't think I could last a day there, it would definitely be a challenge!! :)

    1. Yes definitely a big challenge. Have to remember where I'm really at and where I came from and Who prepared and sent me. Then I remember to seize the NOW moments and soak it up and thank the LORD.

      You can do all things through Christ if He's called you to it! Blessings to you sister! Thank you Lisa!

  3. All these posts are making me wanna go there and visit lol...cobras, scorpions, wild pineapples. Sounds like fun to me...cept for the whole bath in the lake, but I am sure I would get by :) I am glad to hear the kids are starting to take a liking to you, I am sure it is hard to feel like they don't like you when all you are doing is tring to help. Anyway good to hear whats up and I hope to hear more.
    Later bro.

    1. It is beautiful, but many challenges for sure. Well let us know when you're ready to come out! :)
      The kids have seen many foreigners and visitors come and go, but being here longer they get to know you better as you go through day to day life together.
      Thanks Shawn

  4. Hi Chad...thanks for the posts. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I thought your observation and realization that "they test you to see how you handle disobedience," was so interesting and true. I think kids, especially, wounded and hurting kids that have experienced much adversity, want to see if we will really still love them if they are disobedient. They can handle the truth/discipline given in a gentle, loving way...it's like they're just always checking, "Do you really love me? Will you still love me? Is there anything I can do that will make you stop loving me?"
    It must be so difficult but God has gifted you with the wisdom and compassionate heart to do the job effortlessly and with much patience, love and grace. Praying for light-hearted moments and breakthroughs of love and joy released! God bless you! Warmly in Christ, Gina Higgins

    1. Amen!! Thank you very much Gina. I receive those words of life! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. God bless you! In Christ, Chad