Friday, April 27, 2012

Boys moved out to the lake!

I'm driving us back to the Bamboo School from church at the lake.  Just go slow, it'll be alright! 

I just started posting some pictures and communicating on facebook again if you want to check out there as well.  Chad Weissert

   Six of us boys moved out to the lake property to live here for a week.  I hope to live out here for the most part of my time helping the Bamboo School kids.  By the way, you can see their site at  There's no running water; just the lake and rain water caught in big containers.  There is a well with no water, so we need to get down there and dig deeper, and I hear it's rock.  There is a big garden to plant and work with. Yay! :)  Also wild edibles (Morning Glory) all around the lake that the boys pick and cook often.  There's papaya trees, banana trees, baby mango and coconut trees, pinapples, and I brought a large variety of organic seeds with me from Texas to plant.  The dorm built with mostly bamboo is up on a hill which gets a nice breeze and reduces mosquitos.   

   Most of the children are on vacation and gone to visit family.  When they come back Cat said I'll have 20 something boys out here!  Thank you for your prayers praying people!  There is a retired married couple that should be arriving soon and maybe living out here to help.  Help would be great and I believe God will provide.

   It has definitely been stretching here.  For someone who likes to spend much time alone it is a real challenge.  Just trying to sit down and write, have a little time to communicate back home seems almost impossible.  If I do it in site of the kids I usually have them over my shoulder asking me questions I don't understand, or "play game!? watch movie!?" 

   I just got a smile and a wave of joy because God is so good, even when it hurts.  I know the LORD wants me to learn to live in community more for the better.  This place is like boot camp for that.  They do EVERYTHING together here: wake up, worship, eat, clean, work, play, sleep, etc.  When I feel a bit guilty and selfish for wanting to get alone I keep remembering that Jesus went off alone to pray often.  Yay!! That's so good to know!  So there is a time and place to be alone.  If Jesus needed to get alone with the Father I think it's important for us too.  Hopefully we will all become more balanced.

   I ripped my little toe nail almost completely off the other morning.  Just hanging on by a little bit.  Got caught on a rock somehow.  That hurt, but looked even worse.  Cut the little connected part off yesterday to avoid getting infection and it really hurt last night, so I found some Ibuprofen at 1am.

 Peek-a-boo.  Now ya see me...

 Now ya don't.  We had some visitors for lunch and Sunnythor and Zac decided to eat under a table.

    Biggest, hairiest, wild spider I ever did see.

I did not want to let this one go.  LORD forgive me if this thing had a purpose.  I'm pretty sure those are fangs.

 Gas gauge is broken and we ran out, so refueling.

 Dokmai and Zac planting seed potatoes from Texas.

Addajoe leading the way to his family's home.

Addajoe and his family.

This tree gives some kind of edible fruit.


  1. Sorry about your toenail, Chad! I will continue to pray for healing as well as strength, courage, endurance, wisdom and JOY for your stay at the Bamboo School. I pray that God will bless and be in each moment...for you and everyone there!

    I'm so happy that you are finding time to keep us updated on what is going on with you and the Bamboo School and totally LOVE the pictures! What a beautiful flower on the fruit tree! The children's faces are so precious. They make me smile each time I look at one! I will also pray for blessing over the seeds that have been planted so that you all will have a great crop and lots of fresh food as a result of the planting! Looking forward to you next post already! :o) Love you, Mom

  2. Yeah! I see your "subscribe by email" button! Maybe I just had to set up a blog site of my own on to see it, do you think? Or did you do something new to find it??? Mmmmm. Anyway, I'm subscribing now! :o) Mom

    1. I keep checking back, looking for more pictures! :o) Keeping you busy, are they? I pray you are enjoying each moment and building wonderful relationships though I am sure that must be challenging until you learn the language. The language of LOVE is international, however! Just give lots of smiles and hugs to all those beautiful children who need it so much! May you draw closer to God each day and learn to rely on His goodness and LOVE! The ultimate, perfect LOVE!

      How's that toe doing? :o)

  3. Chad, do you have a mailing address there? If yes you should post it just in case anyone wants to send you something. I saw this cool shirt the other day that was made perfect for the weather there, and I thought to myself....even If I bought it I wasn't sure if I could get it to you lol. Who knows maybe if I had an address I could send a pack of Oreo's or something (just a thought). I hope everthing is going well and I am waiting to read more :)